October 22, 2019

As this is our first conference and we are trying to facilitate new collaborations within the community, we invite you to present a 2-minute introduction during a rapid-fire type session.  For this, you will 1) discuss particular expertise or unique resources/strengths that you are willing to share with a collaborator, and 2) what you would like to do if you could find the right collaborator.  We ask that you fill in and submit the template profile slide which will serve as slide one of your 2-minute presentation and will also be posted to the website so registrants can preview before the conference to determine who they might like to contact.  This is open to imagers, image processors, and anyone interested in adding an imaging component to their research program.

Confirmed speakers include:

Alan Koretsky, NINDS

Janet Eary, NCI Cancer Imaging Program

Angelique Louie, UC Davis

John C. Gore, Vanderbilt University

John Hazle, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Mostafa Waleed Gaber, Baylor College of Medicine

Masoud Motamedi, UT MB at Galveston

Refaat Gabr, UT Health Houston

Jim Bankson, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Robia Pautler, Baylor College of Medicine

Ponnada Narayana, UT Health Houston

Bardi Roysam, University of Houston

Omid Veiseh, Rice University